Get to Know Us


Sophie is your British co-host. She has a particular interest in character development and seems to be one of the few to not hate Mineta!


Kendra is your Canadian co-host. She loves Kirishima, puns and justice! When not podcasting you can find her protecting Inko Midoriya!


Ash is your infrequent Canadian guest on the show! He loves analyzing & reading stories, consuming an unhealthy amount of pastries, and cannot stand violence against animals. In his downtime he is the president of the Shinso fan club and he reviews various manga series on his amateur YouTube channel.


Gary is the comic art style fan artist you often see on our twitter and American voice you hear on the Podcast! He enjoys theorizing, character analysis and word puns!


James is our resident welding expert! He has a kind heart and loves to talk about character development! He is also the host of the Dr Stone Podcast

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